Reuben (Hardback)

By Tito Perdue

312 pages
ISBN: 978-1593680237
6 x 0.8 x 9 inches
1.3 lbs


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Under the tutelage of Lee Pefley, Reuben learned what must be done. And when the time came, he left Alabama and took up the task of conquering the world, or at least the Occidental share of it. This novel is a chronicling of Reuben

About the Author

Tito Perdue is an Alabama-based novelist and commentator. Reuben is his eighth novel to be published to date, many of which deal with the life and times of Leland Pefley.



The unforgettable character of Lee Pefley embodies a paradox that some of those who seem by today’s standards to be the most acerbic, the most misanthropic, the most irrelevant and out of touch may secretly be the greatest idealists of all. –Derek Turner, The Quarterly Review

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