Sea Changes (Paperback)

By Derek Turner

Forward By Tito Perdue

456 pages
ISBN: 978-1593680022
8.9 x 5.9 x 1.1 inches
2.8 pounds


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A catastrophe on a quiet coast and overnight England is drowning in guilt, suspicion, hypocrisy, and racial recriminations. As politicians and journalists jockey for position, an unlucky Iraqi immigrant and a plain-speaking English farmer are swept up in world-breaking weather, which threatens to overthrow England forever.


Sea Changes is the story of one incident—imagined, but all too believable—in the slow suicide of the English nation. The novel is written with proper sympathy not only for those of the English who wish to preserve England’s people and character, but also for desperate Third World seekers-of-a-better-life, who find they have arrived in a country that is fast losing its soul.  The villains of the story are the smug status-striving legions who drive the ‘diversity’ and ‘human rights’ rackets, and the politicians who pander to them. Derek Turner keeps a steady narrative pace and lets his characters speak for themselves, without authorial editorializing. His story is told with detachment, understanding, and fine attention to detail. An excellent novel.”

—John Derbyshire
Former Contributing Editor and columnist for National Review; Author of We Are Doomed, Prime Obsession, Unknown Quantity, and the novel Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream 

Sea Changes is an often lyrical and well-judged antidote to the PC hustlers who salve their own bad consciences by making normal people feel uncomfortable in their skins—the perfect corrective to a national neurosis.”

—Taki Theodoracopulos
Author of Nothing to Declare and Princes, Playboys & High-Class Tarts; Publisher of Taki’s Magazine (; Columnist for The Spectator 

“A courageous, compassionate and compelling literary treatment of one of the 21st century’s most sensitive, important, and rarely-discussed subjects—mass immigration and its often troubling consequences.”

—Sir Richard Body
Former Conservative MP and author of England for the English 

“Well-written, meticulously researched and thought-out, Sea Changes, Derek Turner’s first novel, succeeds mightily in bringing to life the prototypical players in the Western tragedy that is mass migration. The reader becomes intimately au fait with the many, oft-unwitting actors in this doomed stand-off: small-town conservative folks vs. progressive city slickers; salt-of-the-earth countrymen against smug, self-satisfied, left-liberals. Ever present are the ruthless traffickers in human misery: both media and smugglers. Like it or not, the dice are loaded. In this epic battle, the scrappy scofflaws and their stakeholders triumph; the locals lose.”

—Ilana Mercer
Author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa

Sea Changes displays the brilliant, biting irony that characterizes Stendhal’s best satire. Turner’s rendering of today’s dominant public rhetoric has the right tone even as it deconstructs it.  He is the political novelist we need.”

—Catharine Savage Brosman
Poetry Editor for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture; Author of Images of War in France: Fiction, Art, Ideology

“At last! A novel that reflects the world we actually live in. Sea Changes shines a bright light on the self-appointed elite who dominate Western governments and media and who, in their self-righteousness, are destroying the free, tolerant, prosperous civilization their ancestors fought long and hard to establish. Casually they hurt the innocent, yet remain convinced of their own moral superiority. The story is gripping. With both humanity and humour, Derek Turner traces the nightmare journey by land, sea, and air of a young man from Iraq to England, where he hopes to start a new life; at the same time he examines the effects of such immigration on the English. While exposing the hypocrisy in “politically correct” assumptions and affected pieties about “racism,” he also reveals the genuine, deeply held, if unarticulated, values of the people rooted in the land and its traditions.”

—Jillian Becker
Author of The Keep, the Pushcart Prize story The StenchHitler’s Children: The Story of the Baader-Meinhof Terrorist GangThe PLO: The Rise and Fall of the Palestine  Liberation Organization; Former Director of the Institute for the Study of Terrorism; Editor-in-chief of the blog The Atheist Conservative.


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